Rental Package

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Rental Package

Vendor: BCA Service

Rental Package


Vendor: BCA Service

Rental Package


For reference only! If you are interested in renting from us, please visit our storefront during store hours. Please do NOT purchase this product.

Rental Policy

BlackBlitz Airsoft offers rental packages for individuals and groups. Rentals are a great way to give the sport a try before committing, or to have a group party or corporate team building experience.

Our single rental package includes the following:

  • 1 x Rental Gun
  • 1 x Battery*
  • 1 x Gun Bag
  • 1 x 300 round Hi-Capacity Magazine
  • 1 x Barrel Cover
  • 1 x Charger**
  • 1 x Full-face Paintball Mask

The cost of rental will be $30 per package, per two days (48 hours) OR per weekend. Since most games are usually run on weekends, we can offer special rates for players looking to rent over the weekend. As long as the rental equipment is returned before closing time on Tuesday, there will be no late charge. For all other days, the rental equipment must be returned no later than the time of pick up plus 48 hours.

All rental equipment will be subject to a damage deposit, which we will require payment for prior to pick-up. Damage deposit rates will be $150 per package. All equipment will be tested and checked prior to pick-up to ensure functionality, and will be tested and checked upon return to ensure that they are still in proper working condition. Any issues or damage will be inspected, and if at the discretion of BlackBlitz Airsoft is determined to have been caused by negligence or improper use, a portion or all of the damage deposit will be used to toward appropriate repairs. Once the rental equipment is properly returned, we will subtract the cost of rental from the damage deposit and refund the rest to the credit card used for payment.

The individual responsible for the rental equipment must have a valid piece of government-issued photo ID with date of birth to show that they are 18 or older. We will keep a photocopy of the ID in our records until the rentals are returned. Payment must be done via a credit card in the same name.


  • Do NOT use low quality ammunition from Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart. They will jam the guns and break them.
  • Do NOT fully discharge the batteries. Li-Po batteries become damaged if the voltage drops too low. If you notice the gun cycling slowly, please recharge it before trying to use it again.

BlackBlitz Airsoft will not be liable for any damages, personal harm, accidents, or similar occurrences due to negligence or misuse of rental equipment. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Improper usage of rental equipment
  • Ignoring the warnings outlined above
  • Handling of the rental equipment by anyone other than the individual allowed
  • Handling of the rental equipment by a minor

By picking up the rental equipment, the renter assumes all liability and agrees to discharge any and all responsibility that BlackBlitz Airsoft may have. Exceptions may only be made insofar as if the rental equipment is defective through no fault of the renter.

BlackBlitz Airsoft reserves all rights for final explanation.

*Extra batteries may be provided depending on the number of rental guns

**One charger per 5 rental guns

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