What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport, and to a lesser extent a means of training. Airsoft guns (or markers) are not real firearms, and are only intended to be used when playing Airsoft or as simulation tools. Most people enjoy Airsoft by going to Airsoft fields and participating in the sport, or for target practice and training in places where real firearms are prohibited or not easily accessible. Like many sports, Airsoft promotes teamwork and leadership, and can help to increase fitness and reaction time, though it all depends on how the individual decides to participate in the sport. If you're just looking to go pewpew with some buddies, you can do that -- just make sure it's safe and legal. Please contact us if you have further questions about Airsoft in general and we'd be happy to help.


Does Airsoft hurt?

It can, sometimes. Generally Airsoft BBs hurt less than Paintball, but it depends on the distance and on clothing/equipment/gear. 30 metres away and shot in the plate carrier? You probably won't even feel it. 5 metres away and shot in the pinky? Ouch. Ensure proper eye protection is worn at all times, and we suggest wearing face and ear protection as well.


Where can I use Airsoft guns?

In Canada, generally speaking you are allowed to use your Airsoft guns on private properly, provided that it is being used for Airsoft or Airsoft related activities only. There may be local/municipal/provincial restrictions, so ensure you are aware of the law before purchasing/using Airsoft guns. We are not responsible for any accidents or run-ins with authorities due to negligence. Of course, if you have a local Airsoft or Paintball field that hosts regular Airsoft games, contact them to see what the best way to transport your equipment and the best time to play is.


I have forgotten my password!

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Do you ship to X / where can I find shipping information?

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I would like to shop in person! Do you have a storefront?

Absolutely! Our storefront information can be found here.


What methods of payment do you take?

We accept credit cards (Amex included), Paypal, Interac e-Transfer (EMT), cash, and Wechat Pay.

We do not store any credit card information. All credit card information is processed through SSL for security, as is standard.


Do you price match?

We do. Please click here to see our Price Match policy.


Do you offer warranty? What is your return and exchange policy?

We are able to offer warranty on certain products. Please click here to see our Warranty and return/exchange policy.


An item I want is "Out of Stock", how can I order it?

For out of stock items, generally we will restock them within 2 - 4 weeks, depending on their availability through our suppliers. If you have any questions about a particular product, please contact us.


An item I want is "Pre-order" or "Backordered", can I still order it?

We usually only have pre-order/backorder enabled for products that we are able to bring in within the specified timeline. So you can order with confidence that the item will be available soon! Sometimes, we also allow for pre-orders on new products that have not been released. Please check the product pages carefully for more information regarding lead times and backorder times. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


I really want X! Can you do special orders and bring it in for me?

Please click here to see our policy on special order items.


Do your AEGs come with a battery and charger?

Our AEGs typically do not come with a battery and charger. We do have some packages or specials that will include batteries and chargers. The reason they don't come with batteries and chargers is because the OEM batteries and chargers are often low quality products that break easily and don't perform well, and will also increase the price of the AEG. To provide the best prices and products for our customers, we recommend looking at batteries and chargers that we carry.


What kind of BBs should I use?

In general, you will want to use decent quality BBs that are not too light. We would recommend using a minimum of 0.25g BBs in any AEG/GBBR, and a minimum of 0.20g BBs in a pistol. Make sure the brand is a reputable one as well, as bad brands can have BBs that could cause jams, malfunctions, and break parts in your gun. You can rest easy knowing that we only sell good quality BBs, so if you're confused as to what brand/weight/type of BBs to purchase, feel free to contact us or purchase some BBs on our website.

Note that using bad BBs can void your Blackblitz Airsoft warranty!


Why do some of your guns have orange tips?

Having an orange tip or orange strips on a gun is a requirement from the US. It just means that the gun in question was at some point from the US. In Canada we do not have an orange tip requirement, though of course you're more than welcome to have it on if you don't mind the look.