BTC Chimera Mk.III FET For V2 Gearbox (Standard / Bluetooth)

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Type: Standard
  • BlackBlitz Airsoft
BTC Chimera Mk.III FET For V2 Gearbox (Standard / Bluetooth)

Vendor: BTC/Black Talon Concepts

BTC Chimera Mk.III FET For V2 Gearbox (Standard / Bluetooth)


Vendor: BTC/Black Talon Concepts

BTC Chimera Mk.III FET For V2 Gearbox (Standard / Bluetooth)

Type: Standard
Advanced Technology
  • Can handle power surges up to 9000 watts and even run on car batteries.
  • Fully computerized with hi-speed dual ARM Cortex-M0 and PIC18F26K22 microprocessors.
  • Multiple internal layers of heavy copper traces for greater current capacity.
  • Short circuit detection and voltage spike suppression circuits to protect the controller.
  • Smart thermal management reduces heat buildup during sustained firing on certain settings.

Smartphone Bluetooth Interface
  • Quickest and most versatile method of programming AEGs. No complex trigger inputs or opening the AEG.
  • Program your AEG mid-skirmish in seconds without any tools or manual, just your smartphone only.
  • User-programmable passcode and a shortened signal range prevents any unauthorized setting changes.
  • No need to "pre-connect" to the Spectre in the smartphone's settings. Is accessed instantly from within the app.
  • Fully certified by the FCC (USA), IC (Canada), CE (Europe), and 日本電波法 (Japan).

Essential App for Techs
  • Smartphone app reports battery voltage, current draw, and FET temperature. Basically a "wireless multimeter".
  • Reports timing of shot cycles and RoF, which helps fine-tuning the AEG to achieve the best possible cycle rate.
  • Diagnostic functions that display which microswitches are pressed in real-time and also what error has occurred.
  • Records total number of shots fired since the battery was connected and also for each trigger pull.

MOSFET Trigger
  • Eliminates damaging electrical arcing of the trigger switch contacts.
  • Lower resistance compared to mechanical switching, increasing motor current.
  • Driven by a IRLS3034-7PPBF, the world's most powerful D2PAK-style MOSFET.

Dynamic Braking
  • Eliminates the motor spin-down time to prevent the piston from over-traveling.
  • Assists in keeping the piston properly reset to reduce stress on the gearbox.
  • Prevents double firing on semi-fire in extremely high RoF setups.
  • Also driven by the powerful IRLS3034-7PPBF MOSFET.

Cycle Completion
  • Gearbox always completes the last cycle regardless of when the trigger is released.
  • Assists in keeping the piston properly reset to reduce stress on the gearbox.
  • The motor will always have the smoothest and most consistent startup.
  • Allows the anti-reversal latch to be removed.

Configurable Triple Fire Select
  • All three fire select positions can be individually configured, for a total of 729 (9x9x9) possible configs.
  • Available options for each selector position:
    • Safe
    • Semi fire
    • Auto fire
    • Burst [non-interruptible]
    • Burst [interruptible]
    • Burst/Auto hybrid [burst non-interruptible]
    • Burst/Auto hybrid [burst interruptible]
    • Semi/Auto hybrid
    • Semi/Auto ramping
  • Non-interrupt burst completes a burst even if the trigger is released, whereas interruptable stops mid-burst.
  • Burst modes can be programmed to fire 2 - 10 shots per burst. Each selector can have different burst amounts.
  • "Burst/Auto hybrid" fires in burst and switches to full auto if the trigger remains held down.
  • Hybrid modes can be programmed to have no transition delay or a 0.2s - 1s delay.
  • "Semi/Auto ramping" fires in semi and switches to full auto if the trigger is rapidly tapped.

Hardware Semi-Only Lock
  • Can only be enabled/disabled by using a soldering iron to remove/bridge a solder jumper.
  • Conforms to semi-only laws that forbid AEGs with readily accessible means of bypassing semi-only.

Realistic RoF Control
  • Both fire select positions can be individually configured with a different RoF.
  • Every cycle runs at full speed and pauses between each shot to reduce the RoF.
  • Provides the most realistic feel and sound compared to any other forms of RoF reduction.

Adjustable Precocking
  • Precocking stops the piston in a compressed state so the next shot is near-instantaneous.
  • The precocking is fully adjustable and thus also compatible with short-stroked pistons.
  • Offers improved realism and trigger response for sniper or low RoF builds.

Adjustable Firing Interval
  • After a semi or burst fire, ignores trigger inputs for a certain amount of time. Programmable up to 1s.
  • Helps restrict rapid firing in specialized builds, such as limiting a sniper build to firing one shot per second.
  • Lower intervals can also help prevent accidental "bump firing" on semi when using a feather trigger.

LiPo / LiFePO4 Monitoring
  • Monitors LiPo and LiFePO4 batteries to cutoff power before overdischarge occurs.
  • Simply set the number of cells and the controller will use the proper cutoff voltage.

Programmable Digital Fuse
  • Sensor-based current monitoring negates the need for a physical fuse.
  • Cutoff threshold fully adjustable to help protect low-output batteries from over-current damage.

Gearbox Reliability
  • Eliminates the trigger jam normally caused by the cutoff lever stopping at a certain position.
  • The cutoff lever mechanism is no longer needed, greatly reducing the chances of semi-fire related issues.
  • The anti-reversal latch can also be removed to make gearbox reassembly much easier.

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