BCA Essential VFC Avalon Saber Carbine Build (Black)

Vendor: BCA
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BCA Essential VFC Avalon Saber Carbine Build (Black)

Vendor: BCA

BCA Essential VFC Avalon Saber Carbine Build (Black)


Vendor: BCA

BCA Essential VFC Avalon Saber Carbine Build (Black)


BCA Essential Build


Reliability at its finest. Our BCA Essential builds consists of hand-select parts from many years of experience teching experience. This AEG will offer top-of-the-line performance and efficacy. Simple, and effective. All the ESSENTIALS at your fingertip!


  • PDI 6.05mm SUS304 Stainless Steel Inner Barrel 
  • PDI W-Hold Bucking
  • Jefftron Leviathan Optical Trigger Board w/ Bluetooth
  • BCA CNC Aluminium Air Nozzle with O-ring
  • BCA CNC Aluminium Cylinder Head with Sorbo Pad
  • BCA 13:1 High-Speed Welded Steel Gears
  • BCA High Performance 28TPA Motor
  • BCA SHS Anti-Reversal Latch Mod
  • SHS 14T Lightweight Piston
  • SHS Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Guarder Tappet Plate with Enhanced Tappet Spring
  • Lonex POM Piston head


Estimated ROF:

~20 RPS with 11.1v lipo battery


Muzzle Velocity:

300 - 450 FPS. Please indicate requested FPS range while ordering, for example, 370 - 400 FPS.



This setup features a drivetrain consisting of our custom BCA 28 TPA high-torque motor and our custom BCA 13:1 welded steel gear set. We chose this setup as it offers great performance and reliability while still being economical. An extremely high torque motor paired with a high speed gear set is the standard, go-to way to achieve a fast trigger response while maintaining great overall system efficiency.

The trigger system of choice here is the Jefftron Leviathan Optical Trigger Board with Bluetooth. This system uses optical sensors for both the selector and cutoff mechanism, while retaining a tactile feel with a hard stop for the trigger. It is also programmable via most Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, giving you plenty of flexibility and customizability.

The piston and cylinder assembly consists of tried-and-true components that have proven their reliability and performance.

We have also integrated our anti reversal latch compression spring modification, which removes the unreliable elbow spring design that is standard in all AEG gearboxes with a custom 3D printed bracket that allows for the use of a small compression spring to apply pressure to the anti reversal latch instead.

The barrel group features a PDI SUS304 6.05mm Stainless Steel Barrel inside the VFC Hopup Unit and a PDI W-Hold bucking. Simple and effective.


  • Estimated lead time: 4 weeks
  • Product may come with orange tip

Our normal turnaround time for custom builds is roughly four weeks, however, we often complete the work much faster. We also sometimes experience unexpected delays due to tech backlog, unanticipated compatibility issues, etc. so our stated turnaround times are only estimates. We will not guarantee a gun returned by a certain date, but we will do our best to meet your deadlines. If a work order is not completed by the expected date, we will not offer a refund or discount on the work order unless the delay is deemed excessive at our discretion.

At BlackBlitz Airsoft we care about the quality of our tech work. Your new BCA build will come with a one (1) year internal warranty, from the date of delivery/reception of the build. You must keep your order confirmation and/or receipt to be eligible for this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. Any external damage or user error will not be covered under this warranty. We reserve the right to reject warranty claims that are not due to material and/or worksmanship issues.

You will have access to one (1) free inspection plus maintenance with your new BCA build. This must be used within two (2) years from the date of delivery/reception of the build. There will be no labour fees associated with the inspection and maintenance; if parts are required, you will be responsible for the cost of the replacement(s), as well as any necessary shipping costs.

Subsequent inspections and maintenance will start at $80 per session, plus the cost of parts and shipping.

For any warranty claims or inspection/maintenance requests, please contact us.

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