PTS Virgo M4 Trigger Board Reset/Programming Guide

How to resolve your VFC Virgo System Burst


The Virgo System uses an optical sensor so when the optical sensor is blocked by something, the gun may experience unintentional burst fire.


How to fix this problem?

1. Check the piston's position. it must in the pre cocked position before you can start the adjustment steps.



2. Remove the magazine catch and you can see the socket inside the magazine well.






3. Use the adjustment wire set (we will provide to you) insert the socket to adjust the Optical sensor.



3. Connect the 11.1V or 7.4V and wait for the seconds. when adjustment program finish. You can see the light will have two twinkle in one second. in the magazine well.

4. remove the battery and adjustment wire. Connect the battery again. to test function.



How to program the Virgo fire modes -