COVID-19 What we are doing to help

As of March 23, 2020, the province of Ontario declared a province-wide emergency. Among other things, this meant that all services and businesses deemed "non-essential" by the government will be required to be closed. As Blackblitz Airsoft can be considered to be non-essential, we took steps to limit our and our customers' exposure to COVID-19 both before and during the announcement. Since March 22, 2020, Blackblitz Airsoft has closed its doors to the public in order to do our part in combating the pandemic. 

Prior to that, we have been increasing the frequency of our sanitation and disinfecting routine. After the declaration and our temporary closure, we have ensured that there is at maximum 1 employee in the store at a time, in order to limit and prevent potential spread. 

In order to better serve our customers, our storefront will remain closed until such time where the provincial government deems it appropriate for us to reopen. During these times, our online shopping/service is fully operational, as our employees work to get your items to you. Tech work is also proceeding as usual, though with delays due to our new policies. Starting in May, we will be implementing curbside pick-ups and drop-offs for our customers, as we understand that shipping can be prohibitive in terms of wait time and costs, especially for our local customers. More information on that will follow.